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Pipeline Safety: Risk Modeling Methodologies Public Workshop

Call for abstracts; preliminary notice of public workshop.
This preliminary notice is to announce a public workshop to advance risk modeling methodologies of gas transmission and hazardous liquid pipelines and non-pipeline systems. This workshop will bring industry, Federal and state regulators, interested members of the public, and other stakeholders together to share knowledge and experience on risk modelling within the pipeline industry and other fields, ways to advance pipeline risk models, and practical ways that operators can adopt and/or adapt them to the analyses of their systems. Additionally, through this notice, and in preparation for this public meeting, we are inviting abstracts on relevant engineering and technical modeling considerations related to advancing pipeline risk models, and risk modeling methodologies used in other non-pipeline applications. PHMSA recognizes that other industries may offer potential ideas and solutions to risk modelling that are applicable to pipelines and therefore encourages participation in the solicitation from outside of the pipeline industry and outside of industrial applications. Each author of an accepted abstract will be invited to make a short presentation at the workshop.
80 FR 38266


Closed on 07/15/2015