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Associate Administrator for the Office of Planning and Analytics

Kim Curry

Kim joined PHMSA's executive leadership team on January 19, after more than 30 years at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) where she worked to ensure the safety and efficiency of our National Airspace System. In her most recent leadership position at the FAA, she served as the Manager for Contract Operations since 2012, where she oversaw the air traffic control towers at smaller airports staffed by private contractors. Previously, from 1998 to 2012, Kim served in a number of leadership capacities in the FAA's regional office in Kansas City, Missouri, starting her tenure there as Manager of the Regional Operations Center and rising to Executive Operations Manager. After beginning her FAA career in 1984, she became an air traffic controller in 1988 in Columbia, Missouri at the automated Flight Service Station.

As Associate Administrator for OPA, Kim oversees the agency's enterprise approach to regulatory prioritization, data analysis and visualization, and economic and industry trend analysis. She works with the executive team to continue to develop and implement capabilities to drive PHMSA's expanding safety agenda. Also, she oversees the development, implementation, and coordination of strategic planning and the establishment of safety, environmental and security goals for the agency.

Updated: Wednesday, November 15, 2017