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National Pipeline Mapping System (NPMS)

The U.S. DOT Office of Pipeline Safety (OPS) administers the national regulatory program to assure the safe and environmentally sound transportation of natural gas, liquefied natural gas and hazardous liquids by pipeline. The Accountable Pipeline Safety and Partnership Act of 1996 requires that OPS adopt rules requiring interstate gas pipeline operators to provide maps of their facilities to the governing body of each municipality in which the pipeline is located. OPS is also required to adopt rules requiring pipeline operators to identify facilities located in unusually sensitive areas and high density population areas, to maintain maps and records detailing that information, and to provide maps to federal and state officials upon request. A joint government-industry pipeline mapping quality team (MQAT I) developed a set of strategies concerning how the OPS could develop reasonable pipeline location information without creating an undue burden on the pipeline industry. The findings of MQAT I are described in, "Strategies for Creating a National Pipeline Mapping System". The second joint Government/Industry Pipeline Mapping Quality Action Team (MQATII) developed standards for the states and the national repository as well as Pipeline and Liquefied Natural Gas Operator Submission standards. MQATII drafted these standards and incorporated appropriate recommendations outside those developed by the action team.