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The provided special permits are official copies of every current document (with date and signature) and, due to numerous inquires, several expired special permits.

Note: All rulemakings, regulations and notices issued prior to February 15, 2005 refer to the previous Research and Special Programs Administration (RSPA). Although RSPA is no longer an operating DOT agency, all rulemakings, regulations, and notices issued by the agency continue to be valid.

Use Tips

  • Searching for a special permit using the special permit number: the results displayed may include several related items.  Click the Tracking Number or refer to the Company Name for details.  
  • Change the order of the list by clicking the title of each column.

Special Permits List

This listing shows special permits listed by groups of SP numbers.  Note: these do not link to the Grantee/Party To letters.  Once you have enough information from the list, locate more information using the search tool.


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