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This page has information regarding common mistakes made on applications, links to the approvals database search, procedures for obtaining EX numbers, guidance and criteria for fireworks novelties, and instructions/required information for the designated agent.

If the firework device does not comply with APA 87-1 Standard, it must be tested in accordance with 49 CFR 173.56 (visit the Explosives page).

Explosive Approvals - Regulatory Guidelines for Shipping and Transporting Fireworks

Approvals Search Tools

The approvals search tool is a powerful and effective method to determine the current status of a submission, existing approval, pending approval, terminated approval or expired approval.

If you need information concerning application status that is not available in this search, please contact: approvals@dot.gov or call 202/366-3987.

Applications & Forms
Additional Item Names Added to Valid EX Approval
The Firework Program permits additional item name(s) to be added to a valid EX Approval number, currently held by a manufacturer.
Procedure for Obtaining EX Numbers Under APA Standard 87-1 (sample letters included)
To expedite your application be sure to use the sample APA Fireworks Approval Application included.
Hints and Requriements for Approvals
  • Provide PHMSA with a spreadsheet of any items that are no longer in use or being manufactured so that we can review those items for termination.
  • Beginning April 01, 2007 all applications from foreign applicants (foreign addresses) are required to include the designated agent information in accordance with 49 CFR section 105.40.
  • Manufacturer/applicant email address and/or fax number should be included in all correspondence and applications sent to PHMSA. This will be the preferred method for distribution of approval (EX numbers) letters as well as any other correspondence.
  • A company shall report in writing any change in the company status (i.e. name or address change, ownership change per 49CFR section 107.805(g).
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How Do I Get an Approval?
Agency and Organization Links
American Pyrotechnics Association
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives
American Fireworks Standards Laboratory