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About Notices

The following is a list of recently published PHMSA Notices, with links to the appropriate Federal Register documents.  These PHMSA Notices include notices of information collection, public meetings, safety advisories, and other general notices.

PHMSA Notice Title Docket ID Publication Date
Notice No. 15-10: Clarification on Policy for Additional Name Requests Regarding Fireworks PHMSA-2013-0205 Apr 2, 2015
Notice No. 15-3: Hazardous Materials: Spare Fuel Cell Cartridges Containing Flammable Gas Transported by Aircraft in Passenger and Crew Member Checked Baggage PHMSA-2009-0126 Mar 30, 2015
Notice No. 15-4: Hazardous Materials: Research and Development Program Forum PHMSA-2015-0014 Feb 20, 2015
Notice No. 15-5: Hazardous Materials: Information Collection Activities PHMSA-2014-0136 Feb 13, 2015
Notice No. 14-13: Information Collection Activities: OMB No. 2137-0022 - Testing, Inspection, and Marking Requirements for Cylinders; OMB No. 2137-0559 - Requirements for Rail Tank Car Tanks; OMB No.2137-0572 - Testing Requirements for Non-bulk Packaging PHMSA-2014-0136 Nov 24, 2014
Notice No. 14-12: Public Meeting to Discuss International Standards on the Transport of Dangerous Goods PHMSA-2014-0117 Nov 5, 2014
Safety Advisory: Packaging and Handling Ebola Virus Contaminated Infectious Waste for Transportation to Disposal Sites PHMSA-2014-0134 Oct 30, 2014
Notice No. 14-2: Information Collection Activities (OMB Control No. 2137-0586): Hazardous Materials Public Sector Training and Planning Grants PHMSA-2013-0241 Sep 26, 2014
Notice No. 14-5: Clarification on Fireworks Policy Regarding Display Aerial Shells With Attachments PHMSA-2013-0205 Sep 24, 2014
Notice No. 14-4: Clarification on Fireworks Policy Regarding Display Mines PHMSA-2013-0205 Sep 24, 2014
Notice No. 14-11: Revisions of the Emergency Response Guidebook; Request for Input PHMSA-2014-0099 Sep 2, 2014
Notice No. 14-10: Safety Advisory: Unauthorized Certification of Compressed Gas Cylinders PHMSA-2014-0089 Jul 3, 2014
Notice No. 14-9: Draft EA and Request for Public Comment (Port Arthur, Texas) PHMSA-2014-0085 Jun 12, 2014
Notice No. 14-7: Recommendations for Tank Cars Used for the Transportation of Petroleum Crude Oil by Rail PHMSA-2014-0049 May 13, 2014
Notice No. 13-18: Information Collection Activities PHMSA-2013-0241 Dec 4, 2013
Notice No. 13-19: Class 3 Hazardous Materials Transported by Rail PHMSA-2013-0254 Nov 20, 2013
Notice No. 13-16: Unauthorized Marking of Compressed Gas Cylinders PHMSA-2013-0210 Sep 24, 2013
Notice No. 13-12: Unauthorized Filling of Compressed Gas Cylinders PHMSA-2013-0195 Sep 24, 2013
Notice No. 13-13: Lac-M├ęgantic Railroad Accident Discussion and DOT Safety Recommendations PHMSA-2013-0196 Aug 7, 2013
Notice No. 13-11: Unauthorized Filling of Compressed Gas Cylinders PHMSA-2013-0176 Jul 17, 2013
Notice No. 13-10: Liquid Petroleum (LP) Gas Odor Fade PHMSA-2013-0157 Jul 17, 2013
Notice No. 13-6: Heating Rail Tank Cars PHMSA-2007-28119 Jul 12, 2013
Notice No. 13-9: Emergency Recall Order PHMSA-2013-0123 Jun 6, 2013
Notice No. 13-8: Compressed Gas Cylinders Improperly Tested PHMSA-2013-0126 Jun 5, 2013
Notice No. 13-4: Public Meeting; Preparation for UN Meetings PHMSA-2013-0090 May 22, 2013
Notice No. 13-5: Regulatory Flexibility Act Review PHMSA-2013-0027 May 9, 2013
Notice No. 13-2: Composite Cylinder Standards; Public Meeting PHMSA-2013-0017 Mar 13, 2013
Notice No. 12-12: Air-Passenger Notification of Restrictions PHMSA-2009-0126 Nov 21, 2012
Notice No. 12-10: Incident Data Collection, Analysis, Reporting, and Use PHMSA-2012-0301 Nov 21, 2012
Notice No. 12-11: Shippers and Carriers of Air Bags PHMSA-2012-0280 Nov 21, 2012
Notice No. 12-09: International Standards; Public Meeting PHMSA-2012-0247 Nov 21, 2012
Notice No. 12-5: Clarification Policy on Initial Fitness Review PHMSA-2012-0059 Jul 5, 2012
Notice No. 12-6: International Standards; Public Meeting PHMSA-2012-0116 Jun 4, 2012
Notice No. 12-4: US and Canada Regulatory Cooperation Council PHMSA-2012-0058 Mar 26, 2012
Notice No. 11-6: Division 1.1 Fireworks Approvals Policy PHMSA-2011-0157 Feb 21, 2012
Notice No. 12-2: Applicant Fitness Determinations; Public Meeting PHMSA-2011-0283 Feb 2, 2012