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Safety Alerts

In addition to Safety Advisory Notices, the Office of Hazardous Materials Safety may also issue a Safety Alert. This document is often issued in conjunction with a Safety Advisory Notice, especially when risks warrant broadcasting concerns to a more diverse audience. Brochures or pamphlets are intended to notify a specific audience of a safety hazard.

Safety Alert - April 1, 2016 PHMSA is issuing this safety advisory notice to inform persons engaged in the transport of lithium batteries in commence of recent actions taken by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) to enhance the safe transport of lithium batteries by air. Apr 1, 2016
Safety Alert - June 30, 2015 Transportation of PEDEGO Electric Bike Lithium Battery Packs that were Recalled by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Jun 30, 2015
Safety Alert Prohibited Refilling of DOT 39 Specification Cylinders Nov 26, 2014
Safety Alert - Safety News Emergency Response Involving Ethanol and Gasoline Fuel Mixtures Sep 19, 2008
Safety Alert - Safety News Orientation Markings for Single Packages with Vented Closures Aug 29, 2008
Safety Alert - Safety News Ethanol and Gasoline/Ethanol Fuel Blends Jul 1, 2008
Safety Alert Superior Propane Safety Notice and Recall Jun 1, 2008
Safety Alert - Safety News Rollover May 13, 2008
Safety Alert Manufacture, Marking, and Sale of Untested Compressed Gas Cylinders May 1, 2006
Safety Alert Don't Ship a PSU, PBE, or EEBD (Containing a chemical oxygen generator) Without a DOT Approval Mar 1, 2003
Safety Alert Hazmat Transportation Security on Highest Alert During Olympics and Super Bowl Jan 8, 2002
Safety Alert Continue the highest level of security awareness and exercise additional safety precautions Oct 30, 2001
Safety Alert Hazmat Transportation Community Urged to Increase Safety Measures Sep 12, 2001
Safety Alert Acetylene Cylinder Requalification Apr 1, 2001
Safety Alert Advisory Guidance: Offering, Accepting, and Transporting Hazardous Materials Feb 19, 1997
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