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The Hazardous Materials Safety Assistance Team (HMSAT) is responsible for face-to-face outreach and compliance assistance in the field of hazardous materials transportation. Wherever you live in the United States, an HMSAT member has responsibility for your region, and is available to address your hazardous materials transportation training concerns. Requests can be submitted by selecting the appropriate form for your Regional representative.

Systems Integrity Safety Program
The PHMSA Safety Integrity Safety Program (SISP) serves as a new avenue to enhance safety and ensure full compliance with the Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR). Through the SISP program, PHMSA will provide in-depth analyses, observations, and cooperative follow-up investigations to regulated entities.
Packaging Enforcement Program
The PHMSA Packaging Enforcement Program has been created to ensure and promote the safety and performance of hazardous materials packaging systems. This includes the oversight of the manufacture, certification, requalification, maintenance, and use of hazardous materials packaging through inspections, testing, and outreach.
Port Inspection Team
The PHMSA Port Inspection Team has been established in order to strengthen and enhance safety and to ensure the uniform application of hazardous materials inspections within the nation┬┐s ports through standardized protocols and procedures. The team will strengthen coordination between other Federal, State, and local government agencies, as wells as through Port Authority representatives and industry stakeholders.
Lithium Battery Team
The Lithium Battery Team has been established to enhance expertise and to ensure the uniform application of inspection and oversight pertaining to the manufacture, testing, shipment, and transportation of lithium batteries. The team will coordinate with other government agencies and industry stakeholders to enhance safety related to the transport of lithium batteries.
Select Agent Infectious Substance Team
The PHMSA Select Agent Infectious Substance Team (SAIST) has been created to strengthen the focus, enhance the expertise, and ensure the uniform oversight pertaining to the shipments of select agent infectious substances. The team will coordinate with other government agencies and industry stakeholders and utilize various methods, including inspections, investigations, and outreach, to enhance public safety.
Penalty Payments
Visit the Pay.gov to make on-line payments for civil ($10,000 or less) and ticket penalties.
Guidelines for Civil Penalties
Title 49 CFR Part 107, Subpart D, Appendix A
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Hazmat Enforcement Regulations
Visit the Electronic Code of Federal Regulations (eCFR) website for Hazmat Enforcement Regulations.