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Pay & Leave

Federal pay rates are comparable with prevailing salaries in the private sector for similar occupations.

Jobseeker Grades
Student 2-3-4
Entry-Level 5-7
Mid-Level Professional 9-11-12-13
Senior Professionals 14-15
Senior Executives SES
The Office of Personnel Management provides Government-wide leadership on Federal leave policies and programs. This is accomplished by developing and maintaining Government-wide regulations and policies on the administration of leave, including the Family and Medical Leave Act, family-friendly leave policies, Federal leave sharing programs, annual leave, sick leave, and time off for special circumstances--e.g., early dismissal or closure for weather emergencies. However, each Federal agency is responsible for administering leave policies and programs for its own employees.
Emergency Dismissal/Closure
The linked procedures apply in situations that prevent significant numbers of employees in the Washington, DC area from reporting for work on time or which require agencies to close all or part of their activities, including emergency situations and major disasters, adverse weather conditions, natural disasters, and other incidents causing disruptions of Government operations.
Salary Tables
Salary Tables The Federal Wage System (FWS) is a uniform pay-setting system that covers Federal appropriated fund and nonappropriated fund blue-collar employees who are paid by the hour. Under this uniform pay system your pay will be the same as the pay of other Federal jobs like yours in your wage area and your pay will be in line with pay for private sector jobs like yours in your wage area.
Leave Donor/Leave Transfer
An employee may donate annual leave directly to another Federal employee who has a personal or family medical emergency and who has exhausted his or her available paid leave. A potential leave recipient's employing agency must determine that a full-time employee's absence from duty without available paid leave because of the medical emergency is (or is expected to be) at least 24 hours.
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